2016 TurboVote Challenge Partner Implementation Examples

Airbnb - Airbnb kicked off their 2016 TurboVote Challenge efforts with a campaign honoring the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. They partnered with the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Voto Latino to support their outreach efforts, and also encouraged members of the Airbnb community to register to vote. Airbnb has also done in-person voter registration drives in NYC, and will be launching an email campaign in late September for National Voter Registration Day activations.

ATTN: - ATTN: launched the 3 Minutes campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging voter participation. Registering to vote takes less than 3 minutes, but that small investment can make a huge impact. There are many important issues at stake in this election. ATTN: partnered with various celebrities and influencers on issue-driven videos that also show people that registering to vote is a quick and simple way to make a difference. What do you have 3 Minutes for? ATTN: is an issues-driven media company. Our mission is to deliver engaging content to a mobile-first audience. Every day we produce videos, articles and commentary telling stories worth your attention.

BET Networks - BET Networks has kicked off a 20-plus city truck tour to encourage young people to register to vote. To create awareness and excitement around their voter engagement initiative, Vote Your Voice, BET is tying in the promotional tour with their upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards Show, airing October 4th at 8pm ET. The goal is to create an exciting, accessible, and engaging way to make young African-American people aware of the voter registration deadlines in their cities and register to vote. Keep up with the BET truck locations by following @HipHopAwards across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Brigade - As the world's first network for voters, Brigade helps people make sense of the 2016 election by providing issue-based voting recommendations and a shareable, personalized ballot as well as tools to recruit vote pledges for candidates they support. Leaderboards let users compete for top spots in their political districts and real-time, map-based visualizations display who's leading state and national races as measured by vote pledges. The entire experience is enriched when users verify as registered voters, which is what makes TurboVote's integration into Brigade’s website and smartphone apps so important. By incorporating TurboVote’s voter registration tool, newly verified voters on Brigade can help hold their elected representatives accountable when they take their oath of office and well into the future.

Defend Our Future - Defend Our Future focuses on registering millennials by championing environmental action and stewardship in the face of climate change. Poll after poll shows that millennials are the most likely age group to believe in climate change, to view clean energy as a necessary step forward for our economy, and to expect our leaders to implement policies that will put us on a track toward a sustainable future. Defend Our Future is currently on 11 college campuses with organizers registering students daily. Beyond its active ground game, Defend Our Future has bolstered its online registration through a series of viral videos that call on viewers to register. 

Foursquare - Foursquare has several initiatives planned leading up to the election to help drive voter participation. Foursquare is creating an interactive map online so that voters nationwide can find their local polling place as well as popular coffee, lunch and bar spots nearby, allowing them to plan and create a moment around the act of voting. Additionally, the Foursquare Swarm check-in app will send notifications around National Voter Registration Day to remind users in the US to vote. Foursquare Swarm will also reward them with an exclusive, limited edition “I Voted” sticker on Election Day.

Got Your 6 - The veteran empowerment campaign Got Your 6 launched its 2016 TurboVote Challenge at an event hosted by SiriusXM, highlighting findings from its 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index. The report provided tangible evidence that veterans vote, volunteer, engage with local governments and community organizations, and help their neighbors, all at rates higher than their non-veteran counterparts. As a nonpartisan organization created to inspire veterans to lead a resurgence of community across the country, Got Your 6 is launching a national PSA campaign calling on all Americans to not just thank veterans with words, but to honor their service by voting. 

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership - Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is committed to creating the most civically-prepared generation of youth leaders.   HOBY will be using #inyouthhands and #HOBY2Vote to drive our large network of HOBY alumni, volunteers, and parents to participate in the TurboVote Challenge.  With 10,000+ high school students participating in HOBY annually, we aim to educate our youth about the importance of civic engagement, and seek to ensure 100% voter registration among our young HOBY alumni.

Inspire U.S. - Inspire U.S. aims to amplify the youth voice through empowering high school students to register their peers to vote and leading them to the polls on election day.  Since 2014, Inspire U.S. high school leaders have rallied their peers around National Voter Registration Day to launch their year-long voter registration efforts and have registered and pledged more than 14,000 new first-time voters across the country.  This year 385 Inspired Leaders from 187 high school in 6 states (AZ, CO, KY, NV, VA, WV) aim to register 30,000 new voters by graduation and will up their efforts during the month of September to ensure 100% of eligible students are registered to vote for the 2016 General Election!Follow along at #inspire2vote!

Jewish Women International - JWI has launched #VoteLikeAGirl -- a non-partisan campaign that offers online tools to help engage young women to vote in the upcoming election and connect them with the critical issues that are at stake every day. They will outline and amplify the strength and power of the young women’s voting bloc. They have already profiled dynamic women involved in all aspects of political campaigns—politicians, campaign staffers and volunteers, and journalists.

KCETLink Media Group - KCET/LinkTV launched the ‘Your Choice. Your Voice.’ Voting Campaign, which features variety of PSAs from local and national organizations featuring Kate Walsh, George Takei, Vic Mensa, John Cho, Edward James Olmos and other celebrities encouraging Americans to have a voice in the election by voting. TurboVote connected KCETLink Media Group's "Your Choice. Your Voice" get out and vote initiative with the BET Networks public service announcement featuring actress/writer Trae Harris who shared our tagged post to her 2.5K followers.

Mic - Mic launched their work with the TurboVote Challenge through a digital campaign called #69TheVote. This campaign is geared towards young people - many of whom are first time voters - and is derived from data showing that for the first time in history, millennials match boomers in voting power, both at 69 million.

MyFaithVotes - My Faith Votes is producing a weekly webcast called My Faith Matters LIVE, helping people understand how their faith matters and how their vote matters.  They are now encouraging each person watching the webcast to go to the website and sign up for TurboVote. My Faith Votes has created a toolkit for churches across the nation to encourage and inspire people in their congregations to vote. This includes communication tools, videos, sermon outlines, and more. The toolkit also encourages each church to set up a registration table with tablets enabling church-goers to sign up for TurboVote. My Faith Votes is partnering with im2moro to launch a college student initiative for Christian and Catholic campuses.  The campaign, called “Because I Care,” promotes TurboVote and provides students with resources and wristbands as a reminder to vote. In addition, they have created 23 TV Public Service Announcements that are reaching an estimated 116 million households on Christian TV Networks.

NowThis - NowThis is committed to covering the 2016 presidential election for as wide an audience as possible—especially among young people. NowThis Election has over 1.4 million followers on Facebook, and about 75% of the entire NT audience (17 million followers and counting) is under the age of 35. NowThis's aim is to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire young people to get out the vote. The millennial voting bloc is bigger than ever this year, and it's time they exercised their voices at the polls.

Running Start - Running Start, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that trains young women to run for office, has over 10,000 alums across the country. To make sure they all participate in the election (although some are running!), Running Start will make at least 2 social media posts each week leading up to the election to encourage alums and supporters to vote. Additionally, Running Start will emphasize voting as part of ongoing programming, including the Star Fellowship (a Congressional fellowship for college women) and Running Start's internship program.

Target - Target is focused on employee outreach, spreading the word about TurboVote through leaders across the country who are engaged in their community. They will be highlighting voter registration and stories of outstanding team member civic engagement on their corporate website and internal national digital channels, and hosting registration and election-related events for team members leading up to November.

USA TODAY NETWORK - USA TODAY NETWORK has launched a national outreach campaign to get readers to engage in this year’s election in a positive way, by telling the world why they are voting. As part of this campaign, they created the votingbecause.com website. It offers many different resources for people to get informed and get involved. They can register to vote, create digital or printed cards to share and tell the world why they are voting, download an exclusive one of a kind VOTE poster by acclaimed artist Jermaine Rogers, pledge to #TurnUpTheVote by joining the TurboVote Challenge, and they can read all of our incredible elections related content from USA TODAY and issues based content from across the USA TODAY NETWORK.