TurboVote helps high schools, colleges, and universities improve civic engagement on their campuses and promote electoral participation as a mechanism to achieve broader learning objectives. Institutions of higher education have a unique opportunity to play a role in promoting lifetime voter engagement and TurboVote makes it both easy and cost-effective to do so.

We simplify civic engagement

We make it possible to conduct voter engagement without collecting or submitting a single registration form: our partner institutions can reach out to a large number of students in a short amount of time, simply by sharing a link. That ease of sharing makes it possible to embed civic engagement into established processes—like class registration or freshman orientation—and strategically integrate voter engagement into existing student interactions. By targeting processes or sites that touch every student, that single link can make registering to vote a default experience for all students.

I am struck by the idea that TurboVote may be boosting students’ learning as well as merely their voting.
— Peter Levine, Director of the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

We get students the information they need

TurboVote helps institutions ensure that their students have all the information they need to vote. Institutions need only to encourage students to complete a short online process. We then manage a range of individual voting needs—from registration deadlines to local election dates and location-specific regulations—and provide each student with the personalized information and materials that he or she needs in order to vote in every election.

We make it easy to track data and monitor impact

Sharing voting and tracking impact are easy with TurboVote. Institutions can carefully track the number of students they have registered, how many have requested absentee ballots, and manage user data for other civic engagement efforts on campus.

We promote student leadership

Student government associations have led TurboVote implementation on many of our partner campuses. We’ve provided support and advice to student leaders as they promote civic engagement among their peers (whether through finding a bottleneck process to reach students, passing student government legislation in support of voter participation, or organizing voter outreach events.) The New Standard for Campus Voter Engagement drew the support of dozens of student government presidents, and continues to engage students as leaders in the process of improving electoral participation.

We help you comply with federal mandates

A Dear Colleague Letter released in July 2013 by the Department of Education outlines the Higher Education Act requirement for institutions in most states (and the District of Columbia) to make a “good faith effort” to widely distribute voter registration forms to their students.

The letter highlights a provision included in section 487(a)(23) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the expansion of that provision in the Higher Education Amendments of 1998.

TurboVote supports institutions by providing a easy way for institutions to ensure compliance with Higher Education Act requirements.


We'd love to work with your campus. Reach out to us at partnerships@turbovote.org.