The Election Technology Cooperative

Photo by Pogonici/iStock / Getty Images

What if there was a different way - a better way - to design, build, and pay for election technology?

We believe that the future of election technology in the United States depends on a collaborative approach, leveraging the resources and expertise of many offices to share innovative solutions and drive the development of new tools. Working together, across local and state jurisdictions, we can share both the cost and the benefits of an improved voting experience nationwide.

To that end, we're starting a conversation with election administrators from across the country to think strategically about how a co-op solution will work. We're going to map the funding and procurement challenges, identify opportunities for collaboration, and build a framework we hope will sustain the co-op long-term.  

Want to learn more about the project or help shape the co-op first-hand? We want you on board! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!


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