Voter engagement is tough.

Voter registration drives take time and resources—endless hours standing around with a clipboard trying to get people’s attention, deciphering addresses scribbled in messy handwriting, and shuffling stacks of forms back and forth to the election office.

And the work doesn’t end there. Once registered, you still have to figure out how to get people to the polls—make sure they know where and when they need to vote. This means more time and money spent researching polling locations, putting up signs, going door-to-door. . .

What if all this could be done with the simple click of a button?

TurboVote offers a cost-effective way to conduct robust voter engagement nationwide and save you valuable time and resources. We help you to reach a greater number of potential voters, more quickly and strategically, and keep them engaged throughout the election cycle.

We help you collect data, not paper

Get rid of the messy stacks of paper registration forms and endless hours of data entry. Traditional outreach tactics like tabling and door knocking are still important, but our online system makes it easier for you to conduct these efforts. TurboVote lets you promote voter engagement simply by sharing a link.

We make it easy to manage your data and grow your lists

Admin pages let you quickly view your data and share it with your team. You can download user information in Excel/CSV files, sort and otherwise manipulate the data and import it back into your own systems.

We make it easy to track progress and evaluate tactics

Tracking impact is easy with TurboVote. You’ll have a personalized dashboard that lets you monitor the number of voters you’ve registered, how many users have requested absentee ballots, and other key information that will help you to evaluate your progress. Easy-to-use referral codes also let you compare the effectiveness of your individual outreach tactics, so you can refine your strategy and ensure the best results.


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