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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 60 percent of non-voters in 2012 missed Election Day because of process issues such as lack of time, registration problems, and inconvenient polling places. The Internet has simplified many aspects of our lives, but casting a ballot can still be complicated and confusing. When voting is difficult, participation suffers.

Democracy Works is dedicated to changing the status quo. 
After missing several elections as a graduate student living away from home, Seth Flaxman set out to build a reminder system for voters so he would never miss another. From that idea, we formed Democracy Works to bring the awesomeness of the Internet to the process of democracy. TurboVote—our first project—launched in September 2010. We’re building the tools needed to upgrade the infrastructure of our democracy and improve the voting experience for voters and election officials alike. Our vision is straightforward: make voting a simple, seamless experience for all Americans so that no one misses an election.

Since our founding, we have worked with colleges and universities, election officials, peer institutions, and corporate and nonprofit partners to achieve this goal.

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Our headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY, with additional offices in Chicago, IL, Somerville, MA, and Washington, DC, and remote employees in California, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, and Washington.

20 Jay Street, Suite 840
Brooklyn, NY 11201
office: 718-923-1400

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To learn a little more about Democracy Works, feel free to watch the mini-documentary above, produced by NationSwell.